Learn affiliate marketing basics
Learn affiliate marketing basics

I use the pen name Hairspray59 because I am a retired hairstylist living in Florida living on a very modest Social Security Check.

Being a senior you can’t always find a job in the career you where trained for. It wasn’t until I ended up working as a cashier for minimum wage in a grocery store on the bad side of town that I made a commitment to learn the affiliate marketing basics to make money online using the affiliate marketing system.

Regardless if you are from my generation or not I would like to help you not to waste the time and money on the wrong things. There are a lot of shiny objects out there that just do not work that you just can’t resist, they just don’t work. Period

Stick To It Don’t Give Up

Years ago I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate University and left after a year. Because I knew nothing about computers I was in over my head. It took me a month to learn to copy and paste. It was a tough start.

After wasting time and MONEY for years I came back to Wealthy Affiliate. Best thing I ever done. It is ever better than it was before. I wish I had never left.

Continued Education


My favorite thing is the Friday nite WAbinar with Magistudio. These are one hour classes that are all education no product hype. You will learn affiliate marketing basics and how to build a business from scratch.

Honestly! I do not earn a full time income but thankfully I don’t have to work as a cashier anymore thanks to Wealthy Affiliate the best affiliate marketing training program today. Now I earn a good supplement to my SS check and am building up my internet business.

I’ll close with this advice follow the instructions do what they say. Don’t try to take shortcuts. A mistake I made because I was so desperate to make money fast, I just ended up wasting time.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you and I hope my short story saves you time and money. Keep your dreams alive.

To contact me use the contact me page or the comments both work fine.

My motto is from Jimmy V foundation.

“Don’t give up, Don’t ever give up.”

Good luck and God Bless,


The Jimmy V emotional speech at the Espy’s