Foundation for Affiliate Marketing Basics

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics

Your website is the door to your store the task is to get your door on page one and have all the passer bys traffic come in the door and like what they see. The Foundation for Affiliate Marketing Basics is a website that looks professional and has a good design where everything is organized easy to navigate. You provide valuable information, product reviews that helps them with the Buyers Life Cycle process. You offer your help answer all questions and possibly they make a purchase.

The Buyers Life Cycle

Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics

This involves picking a niche, writing good content with images that is easy to navigate to have a successful affiliate marketing website. A website appealing to the eye too many advertising banners can make it look like a highway litered with too many billboards.

4 Simple Steps to Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics   Click Here:

So How do You Build A Website?

I would like to help you with that if you don’t already know or if you don’t you are really going to like being able to build 2 for free.

First you need to know your niche so that you can pick your domain name. After you have purchased your .com and you should always try to get a .com. Next is you need to change the DNS the servers to your hosting platform “Hostgator” the only one I use other than Wealthy affiliate”. Now you need to go to Hostgator and install WordPress. After that you can begin working on your website. But be patient it can take a little while for all this to be completed. Good thing is it is easier than it used to be.

When you are a premium member at WA it is so easy it’s ridiculous.You can buy your .com there and get all the privacy and security extras for free that Go Daddy charges extra for your DNS servers are already pointed to your Wealthy Affiliate host platform you don’t have to pay for hosting it’s included

WordPress is already installed with only the basic plugins you need for security and spam protection so that your no long need Akismet You can fine tune it with just the plugins you need. this all helps with the speed and loading time important for ranking.

I know you want to get your feet wet building a WordPress website for FREE… RIGHT NOW And the Training to do it.

Go ahead build a website for Free using Siterubix it’s simple. use the link below you get access to check the training and 2 Free websites.

If you are little unsure about something this is where WA training and community can help. You can ask a question it is easy to find a video or tutorial that will help you will be amazed with the amount of information there. Or there may be a WAbinar about what it is you want to know.
Good luck let me know if you need help.